HomeMountain Journal of Science and Interdisciplinary Researchvol. 80 no. 2 (2020)

Benguet State University High School Students’ Curiosity, Interest, and Perceptions on Interactive Manipulatives in Mathematics

Julie A. Buasen | Joel V. Lubrica | Serano L. Oryan | Monica S. Alimondo | Bretel B. Dolipas | Phil S. Ocampo



The Benguet State University high school students perceive that their exposure to interactive manipulatives in mathematics can influence their interest to pursue a career path in Mathematics. They claimed that their interest and curiosity in the interactive manipulatives were increased after handling the different manipulatives. Further, the students also claimed that their academic performance in Mathematics could be enhanced, should these interactive manipulatives be used in their classes. Results are true to all students whether they intend to pursue a mathematics-related course or not. These results stemmed from 71 high school students who were asked, through a questionnaire, to give their views after their exposure to the different manipulatives. They were first asked to watch a demonstration of the mathematics manipulatives and were given time to manipulate the devices given some procedures and mathematical concepts as guides. The study suggests that students be exposed to interactive devices to enhance their academic performance in Mathematics and stimulate their interests in pursuing Mathematics related degrees. Likewise, in a setting where the availability of manipulatives is limited, educators should devise practical materials that students can use. Lastly, a quasi-experimental study may be done to verify the respondents' claim that their Mathematics performance can be enhanced when manipulatives are utilized in their classes.