HomeMountain Journal of Science and Interdisciplinary Researchvol. 80 no. 2 (2020)

Competency Appraisal as a Tool in Improving the Board Exam Performance of Benguet State University Bachelor of Science in Forestry Graduates

Marissa R. Parao | Elvira D. Besic | Bernard Peter O. Daipan | NOVER MATSO | Marycel T. Sajise | Melbrenne D. Yabes



For the past years, Benguet State University has devised an appraisal course to improve its national passing average for the forestry board exam. This study evaluated the effects of course competency in preparing Bachelor of Science in Forestry students for their board exam. Pre-test and post-test of students who enrolled in the course were done to assess students' level of preparation and perception of the various mock exams given and determine the most important factors affecting their performance. Furthermore, a comparison between the actual board exam and mock exam performance was made. Results showed that students have average levels of preparation and marginal expectation in their exam scores. Study habits and subject difficulty are important factors in their preparations. Generally, the course competency was able to help them prepare for the actual board exam.