HomeMountain Journal of Science and Interdisciplinary Researchvol. 81 no. 1 (2021)

Consumer Behavior on Full-fatted Soybean-based Food Products as Meat Alternatives among Residents of Baguio City and Benguet Province

Rodeliza A. Flores | Rochelle B. Quintos | Pelin B. Belino | Amelia G. Bawang | Florida S. Rosario | Dalifer A. Gano | Maravilla M. Senado



Plant-based foods such as soybean products are becoming popular to consumers because of environmental concerns and health and wellness. Soybean is a valuable source of nutrients and other functional health benefits. A quantitative descriptive consumer behavior survey on full-fatted soybean-based food products as meat alternatives was conducted among 395 consumer-respondents from Baguio City and Benguet Province. Regardless of socio-demographic background, most respondents indicated their willingness to purchase soybean-based products when available in the market. They will likely purchase 0.5kg to 2kg per week and consume these products once to twice a week. Educational level and household size were found to be significantly associated with the intended amount of purchase, while age is significantly associated with the intended frequency of consumption. Expectations on the quality of the product to include freshness and quantity per pack, and their health condition in terms of psychological (individual) factors; taste in terms of the sensory (product-specific) factors; and price in terms of the marketing (environmental) factors are the major factors that will highly influence the preference and purchase of soybean-based food products as meat alternatives among consumers in Baguio City and Benguet Province. Other factors that will influence the purchase of the products include texture, availability and accessibility, and aroma of the products. Nutritional value, health benefits, affordability, and taste are the top criteria that will satisfy the consumers with soybean-based food products as a meat alternative.