HomeLPU – Laguna Journal of Arts and Sciencesvol. 3 no. 3 (2020)

Behind the Woods: Endangered Animals in the Philippines

Juan Miguel Cantalejo | Celia A Tibayan | John Dale Martin Amon



This study aimed to raise awareness to the kids which are in grades four to six about the endangered animals in the Philippines, however, not all of the endangered animals were part of the research or the study. The objective is to raise awareness by producing three outputs or media that the target audience can benefit or learn from, the three outputs were mainly t-shirts, brochures, and infographic videos which were made specifically for each and every animal included in this study. The research or study was successfully done and was a success based on the results of the survey handed out to the target audience to measure whether the proposed project was effective or not. Although the outputs scored perfect scores on the survey doesn’t mean that there aren’t any more improvements for the outputs, there are still a lot more room for improvements for each and every output produced in this research.