HomeLPU - Laguna Journal of Multidisciplinary Researchvol. 4 no. 1 (2020)

Perceived Analysis of LPU-DTC Curriculum of Cruise Line Operations in Culinary Arts’ Students

Ryan Joseph Calinao



The study aimed to determine the perception of Cruise Line Operation students in Lyceum of the Philippines University-Laguna towards Dusit Thani Curriculum. More specifically; to list the demographic profile of CLOCA students in LPU-Laguna in terms of the following variables; Age, sex. To assess the students' performance in LPU-DTC courses in terms of; Communication skills, Social interpersonal skills, Core courses, Practicum. To determine the significant difference of the course when grouped according to profile, and to propose and action plan based on the results of the study. The study used descriptive research, and an adopted questionnaire from previous studies, and a total of 100 respondents from fourth-year BSIHM-CLOCA. Data gathered was tallied and interpreted using frequency and percentage, weighted mean, and ANOVA for significant differences. The researcher found out that mostly of the Cruise Line students are at the age of 20 and majority of them are female. The conclusion shows that the Age and Sexes of the respondents have nothing to do in determining their performance towards LPU-DTC Curriculum. In the overall conclusion of the study the performance of the respondents toward LPU - Dusit Thani Curriculum in terms of communication skills, social interpersonal skills and skills proficiency was assessed as agree and found out that there is a significant difference when they are grouped according to profile specifically in their specialization. The researcher recommend to the faculty of CITHM department to focus on the weak points in the categories that received the least rank in the research conducted recently like performing basic computation and managing reservations in front office operation, improving interpersonal relationship skills especially in practicum because most of the students find it hard to be able to control their emotions while on the actual work operation. Proposed measures may review for enhance implementation of the new and revised curriculum in accordance to K-12 curriculum.