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Readiness of CMLI Graduating Students for a Diverse Workplace

Argel John F. Castaños | Jeffrey D. Dela Cruz | Jasfer Angelo A. Fernandez | Ariel J. Gamalo | Arnel J. Gamalo | Rio Henson L. Derecho



The research is about the level of readiness of CMLI graduating students to work in a culturally diverse workplace. The study used descriptive design and the quantitative approach to answer its research question. The study adopted an instrument on cultural awareness developed by Green. A total of 25 statements were included in the research instrument which was distributed to 36 CMLI graduating students. From the data collected the study revealed that CMLI students are moderately adequate to work for a diverse workplace. The study also found that the respondents showed weakness in the “cultural awareness to self” dimension of workplace diversity readiness, and strength in “global and domestic awareness”. The study recommended that students should be exposed to situations where they will interact with individuals of various nationalities. The college can also hold a pre-deployment session that orients students on cultures.