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Competencies for Shipboard Training in Deck Department

Derkius Lauren A. Rama | Robert V. Mariano | Norvic P. Mina | John Carlo M. Morales | John Oliver A. Alano



This study evaluates the perceptions of officers, ratings and trainees on what they consider as most important competency for shipboard training. The study applied the descriptive survey method of research to rate on the competencies stated in the STCW Code. The respondents of the study were 11 officers, 34 cadets and five ratings. Results of the study show that navigation is the most important competence for shipboard training while radio communication is the least for all the respondents. Clustered into level, the officers consider watchkeeping as the most important while it is navigation for the deck cadets or trainees. The study concludes that maritime institutions should intensify their instruction on safety aspect of life at sea.