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Impact Of Digitalization On Marine Engineering Profession

Ma. Gracia Yvanna Ona | Daryl J. Predigua | James Bryan Manimtim | Jhun Michael M. Marilag | Marco N. Montesa | Emil B. Cajumban



This study explores the impact of digitalization on the maritime profession, specifically among marine engineering professionals. The study is qualitative and was conducted using an interview to collect data. Three marine engineers with at least ten years of seagoing experience were used as key interview informants. Through the interview, the study found that digitalization changed how they do their job and experienced technology anxiety. Despite making jobs easier, the three informants advise that seafarers still know the fundamentals and the principles behind the operations of digital or smart machines so they can do repair and maintenance on these machines when problems arise. The three informants further advised that seafarers should still rely on their critical thinking skills and on their ability to learn independently. This skill is particularly important given that technology changes so quickly.