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The Role of Social Media in Promoting Personal Social Responsibility Regarding Climate Change

John Manuel B. Padre | Juvithson L. Apo



This paper measures the degree of relationship between usage of social media as means of promotion for climate change awareness, and perception on personal social responsibility (PSR) towards mitigation of effects of climate change. Participants of this descriptive-survey study were 40 junior public high school students and 40 senior private high school students. The twenty-item questionnaire developed for the survey focused on their sense of personal social responsibility towards climate change with a special focus on the brown environment. The study used Spearman rho (ρ) to establish correlation between PSR and social media use. Results reveal that students have a very strong sense of personal social responsibility towards climate change but that there is a weak but statistically significant relationship (𝑟𝑟𝑠𝑠 = 0.30) between PSR and social media use. The very strong PSR towards climate change may serve as a basis in organizing an online and small-scale youth-led environmental organization. It is an awareness organization that seeks to mobilize Makati City residents in committing to mitigation strategies and environmental action. Giving voice to people enables stakeholders to create better models for climate protection and mitigation practices.