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PHax Track: An Android-based Immunization Tracker Mobile Application for Makati City Health Institutions

Noreen Jemima D. Gonda | Moses R. Ching | Darlene Fed C. Libatique | Shekaniah V. Solapco | Estela P. De Vera



Vaccine documentation is currently limited to manual data recording making accomplishment reports prone to errors (Department of Health, USAID Philippines, & Engender Health, 2016). Furthermore, the present COVID-19 situation requires a focus on management of immunization data. Hence, a working mobile android application was developed aiming to improve documentation of immunization activities and Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) reporting. The mobile application was tested to determine the degree of acceptability, and level of usability and effectiveness among patients vaccinated in Makati City, and healthcare professionals affiliated with Makati Health Institutions. As well as identifying strengths, limitations and technical errors encountered by the respondents. This study utilized quantitative research involving three phases: orientation, implementation, and evaluation. PHax Track uses Firebase to record and store data, and manages user accounts. It has a Patient Record Page for tracking and monitoring patient’s vaccination records, and ADR Reporting Page where patients can report any adverse event following immunization to respective healthcare professionals. From the results, high acceptability, and high usability and effectiveness were obtained with mean scores of 3.64 and 3.81, respectively. According to the feedback of respondents, PHax Track is user-friendly, has achieved its purpose, and has an appealing design. However, respondents encountered minor and technical errors, and pointed out limitations like lack of interactive features and need for internet connectivity. Recommendations for future enhancement were collected. Overall, the PHax Track is deemed acceptable, usable, and effective which denotes that it can be applied in tracking immunization records of patients.