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Practice in Breast Self-Examination among Female Senior High School Students in a Selected University: A Basis for Program Enhancement in Early Detection of Breast Cancer

Yvette Claire L. Borres | Eunice S. Matoza | Adron John A. Simacon



Breast Self-Examination (BSE) has been the easiest and most affordable way to have early detection of breast cancer. Breast cancer has been the top cause of death among Filipinas. In Makati City, there is 177 total cases of breast cancer in ages 21-49 in year 2017-2020. There also has been an increase in the incidence of more aggressive Breast Cancer in ages 15-29 and tend to spread quickly. Thus, according to the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (2017), regular practice of Breast Self-Examination is recommended starting at the age of 18. A quantitative correlational study was conducted on three-hundred eleven (311) female senior high school students. Data were collected using a pre-piloted questionnaire, and SPSS for data analysis. It was revealed that the level of awareness, skills, and confidence of the participants were all average with a grand mean of 2.76, 3.16, and 3.69, respectively. Pearson R Correlation test showed that there is a significant relationship between the level of practice in Breast Self-Examination and the demographic profile of the participants. The study recommends a program about Breast Self-Examination and Breast Cancer to be conducted locally in barangays and inside the university to enhance the level of practice in Breast Self-examination.