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Speaking and Listening Skills of Communication Students in Online Learning

Kurtney L. Garcia | Jigger Jhun Caoile



Considering that the COVID-19 crisis restricts physical encounters, Higher Education institutions enforced online learning for the academic year 2020- 2021. The practice of speaking and listening skills in the current setting is crucial due to the absence of social presence and limited interactions, even more so when students’ perceptions and attitudes towards online learning are integral to its success. This study investigated the perspectives of Third-year and Fourth-year students of Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Service Management on the effects of online learning on their speaking and listening skills. The researchers applied a quantitative approach that sought to comprehend the respondents’ perceptions. The respondents were picked through the quota sampling method and the data through administering online survey questionnaires consisting of 37 questions and a follow-up focus group discussion consisting of three key questions with five participants. The results revealed that the respondents considered online learning a practical learning approach to enhance their speaking and listening skills guided by its factors: instructor characteristics, social presence, instructional materials, and trust.