HomeInternational Social Science Reviewvol. 4 no. 1 (2021)

MAED Students’ Satisfaction on UZ Instruction, Facilities/Equipment and Services: Leading Towards an Empirical Climate of Learning and Change

Jona A. Aguilar | Alqashier M. Perong | Michael Vincent P. Caceres | Ednalyn F. Reyes



This research aimed to determine the satisfaction level of the Universidad de Zamboanga Master of Arts in Education (MAED) in terms of instruction, facilities/equipment and services and how these factors empirically affected their learning and change. More specifically, it determined the quality of instruction based on the instructors’ skills and expertise, their knowledge and techniques in knowledge sharing among others. It also assessed the management of the facilities/equipment such as libraries, classrooms and comfort rooms, safety signage, and the canteen. Furthermore, it determined the quality of services of the university such as the ease of access on enrollment, student credentials, physical and mental health services, and others. Using the mixed-method research design, the study revealed that the quality of instructions, facilities/equipment and services had a very satisfied, satisfied, and satisfied rating, respectively. This means that the University maintains its quality education and remains true and committed to its Philanthropic Statement to provide educational and related services that meet the stakeholders’ requirements and strive to exceed their expectations. The study recommends furthering this study among other graduate studies programs and conducting this satisfaction survey by program on a yearly basis to regularly check the student’s level of satisfaction and eventually create a result-based action plan. Further, this study recommends that this survey questionnaire be revisited, re-aligned on the University wide basis to cover the factors which were not included in the questionnaire.