HomeUE Research Bulletinvol. 20 no. 1 (2018)

A Tracer Study of BS Mechanical Engineering Graduates of University of the East Manila Campus: SY 2011-2012 to SY 2015-2016

Joselito H. Recio



This tracer study presents the summary of responses from 52 respondents out of 108 Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME) graduates from SY 2011-2012 to SY 2015-2016 to the questions from an online survey-type institutional tracer study of the University of the East-Manila Campus. The first part of the questionnaire was designed to determine the employment profile of the graduates. The second part was a five-scale Likert-type questionnaire aimed at determining the relevance of the curricula on the preparedness for job of the graduates through the degree in which the college subjects developed the basic skills, critical thinking skills, personal qualities, and workplace competencies. The study revealed that 96% of the UE-Manila BSME graduates were employed in engineering-related companies. The graduates also considered the BSME curriculum very relevant in developing the basic skills, thinking skills, personal qualities, and workplace competencies in readiness for the job with thinking skills ranked as the highest in Relative Important Index of 0.87.