HomeAraneta Research Journal (Indagatio)vol. 43 no. 1 (2021)

Implementing School Disciplinary Program through Participatory Action Research Approach

Ken Paul M. Espinosa



This participatory action research aimed to determine the compliance of the students with the school disciplinary rules and regulations after the implementation of Visual, Mentoring, Organized Activity, and Competition (V.M.O.C) participatory approach program model. The researcher used a participatory action research mixed-method evaluative research design. A total of forty (40) respondents participated in the study, namely: administrators; parents; students; and teachers. It showed that the least complied among the areas of school disciplinary rules and regulations program as assessed by the administrators, parents, and students was “general behavior guidelines,” but in the teachers’ assessment, it showed that “attendance” was the least complied. There are significant differences in the respondents’ assessment on the students’ compliance with the school disciplinary rules and regulations before and after the implementation of VMOC participatory approach program in terms of attendance, general behavior guidelines, uniform guidelines and use of facilities except substance use. The researcher tried to codify the most common theme reflected by each respondent’s answer to the open-ended questions that were deliberately asked after answering the set of quantitative items. After the implementation of VMOC participatory approach, there was an evident of enhancement on the areas of students’ attendance, general behavior, uniform, and use of facilities, while in the area of substance use there was only a slight difference on the assessment made during the first quarter of S.Y. 2017-2018 compared to its last quarter because students’ adherence on substance use has been already established. In this regard, for sustainable development of all areas, it has been continuously monitored and checked by the persons-in-charge through collaboration and integration of VMOC participatory approach in the student affairs programs.