HomeArellano University Graduate School Journalvol. 9 no. 1 (2010)

Profile of Students of the Graduate Program in Nursing of Arellano University

Remedios L. Fernandez

Discipline: Nursing



Graduate program in nursing has proliferated the past recent years. Unlike most of the recent programs though, the Arellano University Florentino Cayco Memorial School for Graduate Studies (FCMSGS) for Nursing was established in 1978. Since then, it has graduated twenty nine (29) batches of students or a total of two hundred ninety seven (297) graduate students in a span of 30 years. The demand for graduates in the Masters Program for Nursing was bolstered by the passage of R. A. 9173 otherwise known as the Philippine Nursing Act of 2002. Section 27 of Article V (Sia, 2006) provides for the requirements for one to teach in the College of Nursing. It requires among other things, that a faculty member shall be “a holder of a Masters Degree in Nursing Education or other Allied Medical and Health Sciences conferred by a College or University duly recognized by the Government”.