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Reading and Math Scores Of Freshmen College Students of Arellano Universityv

Maria Teresa F. Calderon | Philip Louis G. Pua

Discipline: Education, Education Administration



The ability to read, and to learn from reading, is a fundamental academic skill. Its importance to scholastic success in any area of study at all levels of education is widely recognized. Research supports a strong correlation between students’ comprehension and their knowledge of text structures and between students’ mathematical comprehension and their knowledge and use of multiple representations (Bosse and Faulconer, 2008).


Since narrative text differs from expository text, knowledge of narrative text structure is helpful when completing expository tasks like reading or writing mathematics. Teachers should offer instruction in understanding the text structures and vocabulary associated with respective course material. For example, mathematics teachers should demonstrate how the use of vocabulary, text structure, ideational sequencing, and etc., all work in tandem to create a text appropriate for the understanding of mathematics (Robb, 2003).