HomeArellano University Graduate School Journalvol. 9 no. 1 (2010)

To Be or Not To Be: Qualitative Research in Philippine Nursing

Rosalinda P. Salustiano

Discipline: Education, Nursing



A new era has dawned: the knowledge era. This is a period characterized by exponential growth in knowledge and vast expansion in information technology. The speed by which knowledge booms and information transfers likewise entails speedy adaptation by individuals, institutions, countries and regions of the world. Today’s dictum is “Adapt to change and change to adapt!” and this will have to be done fast!


Change for adaptation and development demands innovation. But while education is the greatest tool for development, the call of the times is not only for improved quality of education, but for highly educated people who can innovate. Innovation requires knowledge. New knowledge demands discipline inquiry and disciplined inquiry is the heart of research. Research, therefore, is an essential prerequisite to innovation.