HomeMadayaw Journalvol. 2 no. 1 (2019)


Verna Mae T. Luzano, MAIC | Flordeliza C. Posadas, PhD, RGC, RP



This study aimed to describe the profile of supervisory employees in terms of their length of work experience, level of mental ability that includes verbal and non-verbal skills, degree of motivation to achieve, personality traits, and job performance. It also determined the relationships of work experience, mental ability, motivation, and personality traits to employees' actual job performance. This study covered all supervisory employees of a sugar manufacturing company. Findings of the study show that majority of the employees have work experience of 3 years and below. Verbal mental ability is found to be average while non- verbal ability is at above average level. They are also found to have above average motivation to achieve. Individual personality traits that describe their character and behavioral strength, work orientation, and emotional stability are found to be within average levels, with majority of employees ranging from average to above average levels. Latest job performance rating shows an overall mean score of average. Moderate correlation was found significant between length of work experience and job performance. However, contrary to what research and literature indicated, the findings of this study reveal that employees' mental abilities, motivation to achieve, and personality traits are found to be not significantly related to their job performance. Results of this study pose a challenge to companies to undertake measures to optimize the full potential of employees, enhance their personal strengths, and improve current programs and system to revive the high working spirit as displayed during the selection and hiring stages. Further, more in-depth study is recommended to explore the variables affecting performance to enhance the validity of this study.