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Study Habits and Learning Styles of Grade Six Pupils in Marawi City




Learning involves the learners’ body, mind, emotion, attitudes, and others. All of the learners’ beliefs, attitudes, feelings, and personal problems affect learning capacity. This paper aimed to make a comparison on the profile, multimedia exposure, study habits, and learning styles of Grade VI pupils in Marawi City. This study made use of the descriptive-inferential method. Five hundred forty respondents were randomly selected using the sampling procedure and answered a checklist form questionnaire. The data gathered were statistically treated. It can be concluded that the respondents from public and private schools are exposed to multimedia, particularly television. The study habits of the respondents include the aspects of motivation, organizing and planning work, working with others and utilizing resources and feedback, managing school work stress, and note-taking and reading. The learning style preferences of the respondents contained environmental, emotional, sociological, psychological, and physiological aspects. As to the comparison of the private and public schools, it was revealed that the multimedia exposure of the respondents was significantly different. It was also found out that there was no significant difference in study habits. The results also show that there was a significant difference in the psychological learning style. However, no significant difference in the environmental, emotional, sociological, and physiological learning styles of the respondents. It is recommended that teachers are encouraged to prepare lessons geared toward the development and enhancement of the study skills of the pupils.