HomeInterdisciplinary Research Journalvol. 14 no. 1 (2021)

Personality and Academic Maladjustment Behaviors Among Learners




Maladjusted behavior refers to a habitual pattern of behaviors which is detrimental to the individual. It is frequent and ultimately harmful to the individual, environment, or other persons, and impedes adaptation and healthy development. The study identified the maladjusted behaviors among pre-adolescent learners as perceived by their advisers. It made use of the descriptive survey method of research. Ninety-eight respondents participated in this study. The data were collected through the aid of researcher-made questionnaire, which was in a checklist type. The maladjusted behaviors in terms of personality and academic aspects were all encountered by the adviser. It is recommended that teachers find ways and means to solve the distinguishable disciplinary problems to mold the pre-adolescents into better human beings. They must also do their share by being kind, friendly, patient, compassionate, and understanding the preadolescents because they are practical tools in the success of the teaching and learning process. It is the teacher’s task to maintain adequate and orderly condition within the classroom to provide a wholesome atmosphere and a most effective environment for learning.