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Readiness of BISU Balilihan Electronics Technology Program to Meet Industry Standard




The study assessed the readiness of the BISU electronics technology program to meet the industry standards. The study utilized a descriptive survey design with the aid of questionnaires and casual interviews. This was conducted and participated by BISU instructors and students, electronics shop proprietors, supervisors, proprietors, at the same time electronics operators in the Province of Bohol. Based on the findings, after a thorough and careful analysis of the study, the researchers arrived at the following conclusions. Almost all the skills undertaken in the electronics shop are commonly performed in the respective daily shop work activities, whether they are done in the school or the industry. These facilities are indispensable for day-to-day operations in the shops regardless of their types. Hand tools and equipment are both important and needed in the school electronics laboratory and in the electronics shop in the industry of Bohol to carry out the daily hands-on activities. Most of the basic tools and equipment found in the electronic shop industry of Bohol are also available in the electronics shop technology of the school upon which the students acquired the basic operational skills needed in the industry.