HomeAsian Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Researchvol. 7 no. 1 (2013)

A Study of Tourist Perception Towards Travel Risk Factors in Tourist Decision Making

Anshul Garg

Discipline: Tourism



People from different cultures tend to have different ways of making  decisions, based on the emphasis they place on different phases of the decision making process. Studies have also suggested that people from divergent national cultures use different negotiation approaches, and they do so because their perceptions of the decision making situation are conditioned by the characteristics of the national culture from which they come. A Tourist undertakes a tour to recharge his/her energy, enjoy eternal peace and tranquility and for go on adventure in a safe and secure environment. Therefore, he/she would not go to a place affected by political upheavals and terrorist attacks. Safety and security of his and belongings is also kept in mind while selecting a tourist spot. A major determinant in a traveller’s decision to visit a destination is the perception of safety and security. Specific events or a series of events may undermine these perceptions of a destination. These events or circumstances, individually or in a combination have a negative impact on perceptions of safety, security or desirability of tourist destinations. The work on which this paper is based is important because it sheds light on tourist’s emotional experiences on holiday, which are central to increase our understanding of tourist behaviour. The importance of investigating perceptions of travel risks has been recognized with in a number of different disciplines, such as psychology, sociology, criminology and marketing. It is often assumed that perceptions of safety and security may influence individuals’ destination choice. This paper is based on quantitative study conducted in Malaysia, including the nationals of Malaysia, India, China, Indonesia, Australia, and France. The study found that most holidaymakers perceive earthquake, tsunami, SARS, terrorist activities, swine flu as risk. The results of the study suggest that safety, peace and stability are major concerns for tourists’ while choosing their travel destination.