HomeWVSU Research Journalvol. 9 no. 2 (2020)


Paul Ramsey C. Belencion



This survey – correlational study aimed to determine relationships among organizational justice, organizational morale, and organizational performance of elementary schools. It likewise ascertained which among the dependent variables predicted organizational performance. This study was conducted in January 2019 in the whole municipality of Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo. There were 24 public school elementary administrators and 168 randomly selected public school elementary teachers who served as the research respondents of the study. The stratified random sampling method was employed to select the teacher respondents. Three data gathering instruments were used to gather the data needed for the research: (1) Organizational Justice Questionnaire, a researcher - revised instrument used to determine the level of fairness in the workplace; (2) Organizational Morale Questionnaire, a researcher - revised instrument also used to ascertain the accurate description of the school situation in terms of the respondents’ organizational morale; and (3) OPCRF, a standardized instrument used by the DepEd in measuring school performance as reflected in the rating for the school head. Except for the OPRCF which is a standardized instrument, the two instruments (Organizational Justice Questionnaire, and Organizational Morale Questionnaire) were pilot tested. Frequency counts, percentage analyses, means, and standard deviations were employed as descriptive statistics, while t-test for independent samples, the standard multiple regression and the Pearson’s r, all set at .05 level of significance were utilized as inferential statistics. The study revealed that when respondents were taken as an entire group and classified according to position, the level of organizational justice and organizational morale were generally perceived by the respondents as high while organizational performance was very satisfactory. When classified according to position, the respondents’ level of Organizational Justice, Organizational Morale, and Organizational Performance did not differ significantly. Organizational Justice and organizational morale did not significantly predict organizational performance.