HomeTalastÃsan: A Philippine Journal of Communication and Media Studiesvol. 1 no. 1 (2022)

Pagbabanyuhay: Teknolohiyang Neoliberal at Panitikang Digital sa Pilipinas Metamorphosis: Neoliberal Technology and Digital Literature in the Philippines

Michael Francis C. Andrada



This paper offers an alternative look at new media texts as Philippine digital literature. Advancement in 21 st century information and communication technology afforded writers new and adjunct platforms to produce and publish literary works. While these new literary products are generally touted as new media texts, this generic study contributes to the emerging formulation of “digital literature” in the Philippines. Using a mode of production analysis, this study analyzes and critiques the ethos of neoliberalism and its technologies. Moreover, this study synthesizes how, through electronic and new media expressions, traditional literary forms metamorphose to digital literature.