HomePhilippine Journal of Material Science and Nanotechnologyvol. 3 no. 1 (2017)

Capacitance Properties of Galvanostatically and Galvanodynamically Polymerized Conducting Polypyrrole Film Electrodes

Maria Carla F. Manzano | Enrique M. Manzano | Brian-Gabriel A. Soan | Gerome D. Sy | Chiara Rosario Julia V. Lanuza | Reuben V. Quiroga



Conducting polypyrrole film electrodes for supercapacitor applications were synthesized by direct-current polymerization and by pulsed-current polymerization. The specific capacitances obtained in this study range from 18.7 to 55.6 F/g which is slightly higher than that obtained for commercial supercapacitors with activated carbon electrodes whose maximum range from 20 to 50 F/g. The pulse-polymerized Ppy electrode produced a gravimetric capacitance, 45.6 F/g, that is more than twice that of the DC-polymerized electrode, 20.7 F/g, in 1M of NaCl. When subjected to cycle life test, the specific capacitance of the Ppy film electrodes stabilized after 10 cycles and was found to be highly stable up to 100 cycles with only 1% decrease in specific capacitance. The stabilization time of the Ppy film electrodes in this study are shorter than those from similar studies in which stabilization was only obtained after 100 cycles.