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Matched Narrow-beam, High-intensity IRED Pairs for Improved Selectivity & Sensitivity and Cost-Effective Non-Invasive Blood Glucometers

Daniela Niccole Manzano | Sandra Paulene Mendoza | Edryd Psalm Logroño | Clyana Dhannereen Masangkay | Renei Beatriz Delos Reyes | Maria Carla F. Manzano | Enrique M. Manzano



This paper seeks to find a way to measure blood glucose levels in real time, in-situ, non-invasively, painlessly, and cost-effectively using matched LED pairs as photo-transmitter and photo-detector. The research demonstrated the feasibility of using the same high-intensity, narrow-beam transmitter LED as photo-detector, improving selectivity and sensitivity. Using a near-infrared LED (GaAlAs, 895 nm, 20mW, 8? half-power beam width), the following relationship between signal attenuation at the detector versus the glucose concentration in solution was obtained: = 0.004(NIR LED output Voltage) + 9.2707 with a very high Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient of +0.9985 and a coefficient of determination of 0.9971, highly correlated and highly linear.


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