HomePhilippine Journal of Material Science and Nanotechnologyvol. 5 no. 2 (2019)

Synthesis of Bis(triphenylphosphine)iminium Bromide

Anthony Laureano Jaboneta | Therese Jane Pugeda | Derrick Ethelbhert C. Yu



The study focused on the metathesis reaction of bis(triphenylphosphine) iminium chloride (PNPCl) with sodium bromide (NaBr) which yielded bis(triphenylphosphine) iminium bromide (PNPBr). The cation from the product which is bis(triphenylphosphine) iminium (PNP) serves as a counter ion for molecular conductors to ease electron transport between anions thus aiding in the formation of a regular stacked arrangement of conductors in a solid state. PNPBr was validated by the bromine presence determined by the Halogen Test using sulfuric acid, by comparing the experimental value of the melting point of the product to its theoretical value, and by the elemental composition of the sample in which the elements determined were carbon, nitrogen, bromine, and phosphorus only. Therefore, through these tests the product has a high purity and has a percent yield of 81.56%.