HomePhilippine Journal of Material Science and Nanotechnologyvol. 8 no. 1 (2022)

Zeolite Nanoparticles Grown via Horizontal Vapor Phase Crystal (HVPC) Growth Technique for Food Packaging Applications

Karl Angelo S.D. Cervania | Margaux R. Pangga | Gil Nonato C. Santos | Cathy Escuadro | Samuel Augustus Toledo | Christian Maestre | Normie Jean Sajor | Anthony Gerard G. Santos | Mary Gillian Santos | Toni Beth Lopez | Eleanor M. Olegario



Spherical zeolite nanoparticles of varying sizes were successfully fabricated using Horizontal Vapor Phase Crystal (HVPC) Growth Technique. The starting material for the study was 1 gram of powdered zeolite that was baked under various growth conditions. Parameters include 4 hours, 6 hours, and 8 hours of baking duration, as well as temperatures of 1000oC, 1100oC, and 1200oC. Throughout the study, the ramp time for the furnace was set to 40 minutes. Characterization results from SEM and EDX analysis showed that spherical zeolite nanoparticles of fine, ultra-fine, and coarse sizes could be grown via the HVPC fabrication method. Aerobic plate count (APC) analysis was used to assess whether the fabricated zeolite nanoparticles inhibit bacterial growth on unrefrigerated fresh milk samples. Results from APC analysis revealed that fresh milk samples stored on zeolite NP-containing quartz tubes have minimal microbial growth compared to fresh milk samples stored on the original milk packaging.