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Supervisory Management Guidelines in the Implementation of School Improvement Plan

Luis M. Anchilo

Discipline: Education



This study was an attempt to develop management guidelines that may be used to enhance the implementation of School Improvement Plan of public secondary school based on the results of an assessment on the implementation of the School Improvement Plan. Using descriptive - survey method of research and employing the purposive sampling technique, this study involved the participation of the eight (8) top management officials (principal, department heads), ninety-eight (98) faculty members, fifteen senior class presidents, eight (8) selected PTA Officers. To arrive at more comprehensive data, both quantitative and qualitative techniques were employed, with a self-made and expert validated questionnaire used for quantitative data gathering, and interviews, focus group discussion and observations for qualitative data collection. Data obtained from this study were analyzed through the use of simple descriptive statistics such as frequency count, percentage, mean and weighted mean. A four point scale (from 1 - Not Observed to 4 - Very Much Observed) was used to determine the status of implementation as basis for proposed management guidelines for enhancing the School Improvement Plan (SIP). To determine if the components attained Total Quality Assurance, it should obtain a ―Very Much Observed‖ rating scale. Findings and results of the study revealed that the implementation of School Improvement Plan (SIP) was generally observed. Arranged from highest to lowest these components were: School-Community Partnership (x=3.23); Staff Development (x=3.03); Physical plant (x=2.91); Curriculum Development (x=2.88); and Student Development (x=2.57). The findings revealed that the implementation of SIP in the studied school assessed ―strength‖ in all components, but did not attain Total Quality Assurance. Thus, this served as the basis for the development of guidelines that may be used in improving the implementation of School Improvement Plan.