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Performance in the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) of Batch 2014 Education Graduates of Arellano University-Legarda Campus

Rose R. Dedace

Discipline: Education



 A licensure examination is considered one of the factors that influence the over-all quality of teachers and teaching. The researchers guided by its vision and mission wanted to determine the performance of their 2014 graduates in the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) for academic upliftment of the college. Respondents were PRC examinees of Arellano University – Legarda Campus. The researchers made use of the 2014 LET results released by PRC as its main source of data. Interview was also utilized for more in-depth study. An analysis of the data revealed that the BEED‘s passing rate was higher than the BSE, as the BEED obtained 100 percent passing rate compared to the BSE‘s 75 per-cent. The scores the BEED obtained in the general education area is independent of the scores they obtained in the professional education area which means performance in one subject area does not spell the performance in another subject area. For the BSE, students‘performance in the general education subjects predicts the performance of students in the professional and major subjects. Hence, education students need to develop deep understanding required in their general education subjects and practice good study habits as early as first year (1st yr.) which has to be sustained as they go up the academic level. This shows that general education subjects in essence become an integral part of the over-all educational experience of the students for it augments and rounds out the specialized training they receive in their professional and major subjects. In terms of the programs, there is no significant difference in the LET performance of BEED and BSE groups. As to performance of BSE by major, as well as, by specialization of the BEED group, no significant differences were noted.