HomePhilippine Scientific Journalvol. 53 no. 1 (2020)

Evaluation of the Turnaround Time of the Blood Donation Process in the Blood Bank of Manila Central University Filemon D. Tanchoco Medical Foundation Hospital: an Operational Study

Gabriel A. Bumanglag, MD | Janette S. Tolentino, MD | Estela Marie C. Tanchoco, MD



The Operations in the blood bank rely on blood units collected from non-remunerated donors. The blood units collected are screened and stored for transfusion to patients who are in need of life-saving blood. One of the most important role of the clinical laboratory is recruitment and screening of blood donors. Long waiting time is a common complaint of blood donors and occurs on a daily basis. This study involves evaluation of the blood donation process by determining the average time interval of the different steps and comparing them to the established total turnaround time of one-hour as stated by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB), as well as identify gaps and enhancements encountered in the process. The data collected will serve as a baseline to improve the efficiency in the blood donation process. Blood donors will have a positive experience, and encourage donors to voluntarily donate blood on their next visit. The results reveal that the entire process of blood donation in our institution cannot be done in 1 hour as stated by AABB and the phase of blood donation that takes the longest time involves the first phase of blood donation – donor recruitment and screening, in which the observed gaps reflect the lack of staff force and of certain persons assigned to a specific task. Recommendations are suggested in order to address these gaps.