HomeBinhi: Letran-Calamba Student Research Journalvol. 19 no. 1 (2019)

Web-based Multimedia Information Display Terminal using Raspberry Pi with Mobile Application Notification

John Veniel B. Aranas | Ian James C. Reonal | Freedom Anthony B. Vitasa



The researchers designed a digital information display terminal that flashes new information even if internet connection is unavailable, has an event calendar that shows future event schedules, has an android application that lets users view the latest information through their android phones, and shows the text received from authorized numbers, publishes information posts and announcements, and uploads videos. The Web-based Multimedia Information Display Terminal Using Raspberry Pi with Mobile Application Notification uses SIM800L GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) Module to receive text from authorized numbers that the admin allowed. The text will be displayed in the touchscreen monitor so that even if there is no internet connection, the new information will be displayed. The admin can schedule an event in advance with the use of the event calendar. The admin will create an event, add the title of the event and its contents, and select when the event will start and end. The android application was created for the users who want to view the information but cannot go to the display terminal. The android application displays the announcements, information post, videos, and text received by the GSM module in the same manner with what is displayed in the display terminal. Information displayed in the web host can be updated as long as there is internet and firebase can be used to send notifications in android application.