HomeCA Research Journalvol. 3 no. 1 (2012)

The Future of Religion: Resurrecting God as a Privilege of Freedom

Virgilio Rivas

Discipline: Religion



This presentation assembles a number of annotations corresponding to a set of conjectures and postulates that I developed in the essay I submitted for this conference which bears the title “Only God can save us: The future of religion in the other-time of freedom.” In the essay I attempted to retrace the radical beginning of the appropriation of the sense-genesis of freedom in Plato’s rather hesitant articulation of the godly in terms of: 1) challenging the evils of this world, a deeply Socratic concern in which the famed Athenian proposed “flying away from the earth to heaven;”1 2) grounding an idea of the godly against what Plato perceived to be its limited and even dangerous appraisal in sophistic and mimetic forms of self-divination;2 and, 3) recognizing the impossibility (a negative orientation toward the achievement of knowledge) that the public would ever understand the secret that philosophy had discovered, that is, the Father and Maker of the Universe, otherwise a discreet philosophic portrayal of the secret of the truth of being.3 The radical spirit of this articulation, I proposed, was taken up by Nietzsche and