HomeAni: Letran Calamba Research Reportvol. 18 no. 1 (2022)

A Project Feasibility Study on Pre-Planning, Thematic and Online Burial Service of Banting Funeral Homes at San Pablo City, Laguna

Frances Adrianne B. Arbilo | Michal C. Dela Victoria | Gabrielle Julia A. Exconde



The study determined the feasibility of offering pre-planned, thematic and online funeral services. The target market would be men and women aged 18 and above, preferably residents of San Pablo City. Pre-planning a funeral is one of the biggest and most important decisions one will make in his/her lifetime. Whether it is for the person himself or for a loved one, pre-planning a funeral allows individuals the opportunity to make personal and specific selections. The thematic services, on the other hand, allow customers to choose the set up they want from classic, rustic, vintage, to ethnic theme. Additionally, the online services include live streaming, multimedia presentation, one day video edit, and CD for the compilation of the presentation and video edit. The data were gathered through benchmarking, interview, and survey among the residents in San Pablo City, Laguna. The results of the study showed that women were more interested in purchasing funeral services than men. There were 351 out of 399 respondents who were willing to avail pre-planning service; 192 respondents chose the 5-year payment plan; 185 respondents preferred a 3-year plan, while 82 respondents wanted to pay in cash. For thematic service, 219 of the respondents chose the classic theme, 69 of them preferred the rustic theme; 51 of them wanted the vintage theme; and 45 of them selected the ethnic theme. Lastly, for the online services, 141 of the respondents liked to avail the multimedia presentation; 122 of the respondents preferred the live streaming; and 60 of them chose to avail CD form. Based on the results, most of them (185) preferred Globe as their internet provider. From the information gathered through benchmarking in three funeral homes in San Pablo City, Laguna, only Suazola Funeral Homes is affiliated with St. Peter Life Plan. Ace Funeral Homes revealed that they have customers who ask for customized set up, but they only offer it when it is requested. Based on the results, the researchers concluded that offering pre-planning, thematic, and online funeral services would be a feasible and profitable business improvement for Banting Funeral Services.