HomeAni: Letran Calamba Research Reportvol. 1 no. 1 (2011)

Knowledge Management System for the Research and Development Department (R&DD) Of RFM Foods Corporation

Christian Dale P. Garraez | Babyleen D. Calupig

Discipline: Information Management



Knowledge Management System (KMS) gives storage edge to organizations especially in their processes. This system specializes in creation, capture, storage, and dissemination of knowledge and information. The Research and Development Department (R&DD) of RFM Foods Corporation processes product innovation, product creation, market research, and more that are suited to the system. KMS is not new in the business; different companies used this system because of its ability to efficiently maximize potentials in all aspects of their business.

To come up with a KMS design, this study sought to know the IS architectural components of RFM Foods Corporation, its strengths and weakness, effects of the said weaknesses, and the perceived necessities of the R&DD in gathering and sharing data and information. Knowing those problems encountered by the company, the study came up with the design and implementation plan of KMS for the R&DD of RFM Foods Corporation.

 Interview schedule and survey questionnaires were used as data gathering tools with a five-point Likert Scales to gather information about the clients’ needs and to come up with a KMS design. As for the design, Knowledge Life Theory and Knowledge Spiral Theory were applied. Since majority of the respondents were outside the department, it was concluded that the design can also be adopted by others departments, thus, resulting to have the KMS implemented in the whole company.