HomeAni: Letran Calamba Research Reportvol. 18 no. 1 (2022)

Production and Marketing of Ergonomic Cushion Back Support made of Acrylic Fiber

Ma. Lalaine M. Bautista | Scott Enric R. Maguyon | Aldwin Don R. Andaya



The effects of poor posture in the long term can be just as severe and harmful as the effects of injury. Pain and dysfunction can occur as a result of static or awkward posture especially when there is force, repetition or contract stress involved. Long periods at the wheel can seriously damage one’s health, particularly if seats do not allow optimum posture and drivers do not fit their seats. In the case of tricycle drivers, back pain becomes a common problem. Because of back pain, tricycle drivers work less than eight hours a day and most of them work less than three days in a week. With the manufacturing and production of the ergonomic cushion back support, tricycle drivers can prevent back pains. The product is designed to fit the back of the tricycle drivers. It is made of acrylic fiber from the waste of Form Asia Auto Carpets, Incorporated. Using Form Asia’s waste as filling materials for the cushion back support, the company reduces its waste problem while it generates an additional earning. It also reduces the Local Government Unit’s cost in garbage collection and disposal. The project can help solve the unemployment problem, and it can provide more revenues to the government.