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A cross-sectional study on the risk factors and prevalence of common warts

Ravelinda Soriano-Perez | Vanessa S. Naagas | Camille B. Angeles



Introduction Common warts are frequent benign cutaneous and mucosal infections. However, recommendations from previous studies have focused on personal and public factors to prevent warts and reduce its transmission. This study aimed to determine the prevalence of common warts and its relation to individual, family, school, public, and occupational factors. Methods This is a cross-sectional study wherein the cutaneous surfaces (except the mucosa and genitalia) of residents of Barangay Doña Imelda, Quezon City were examined for the presence of warts. Information on individual, family, school, public, and occupational risk factors was obtained from the respondents themselves, parents or guardian using a data extraction sheet. A PRR of > 1.0 was interpreted as a positive association. Chi-square and Fisher’s exact tests were used to test for significance. A p-value of < 0.05 was considered significant. Results The prevalence of common warts among 315 residents was 7.6 %. The presence of family (PRR = 6.41, 1.91), school (PRR = 1.68), and occupational (PRR = 1.50) factors increased the risk of developing warts. In contrast, a personal history of warts and public factors were not associated with the development of warts. Conclusion The prevalence of common warts is 7.6%, compatible with the results of previous studies. Having a family member with warts, large family size (more than five family members), having at least one closest school friend with warts, and occupation (fish or meat or poultry vendor) increase the risk of developing warts.


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