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An analytical cross-sectional study on the knowledge, attitudes, and practices (KAP) on biomedical waste management among nurses and medical technologists in the Philippines*

Camille Therese M. Aldeguer | Eileen M. Alcaraz | Reginald Christian L. Alfaro | Alyssa Anne Z. Alfeche | Mark Christopher M. Abeleda | Rafael Gianlorenzo V. Abilgos | Tamam P. Abu Rayyan | Samantha Rose A. Abulencia | Julie Anne L. Acierto | Steffi G. Acuna | Angelie J. Aguilar | Josette Chase H. Aguiting | Jose Ronilo G. Juangco



Introduction Unregulated biomedical waste management is an emerging public health problem in the Philippines. This study aimed to differentiate the knowledge, attitudes, and practices of nurses and medical technologists toward biomedical waste management. Methods Using an analytic cross-sectional study design, an online survey of nurses and medical technologists from hospitals around the Philippines was conducted. A 27-item questionnaire covering knowledge, attitudes and practices was used. The percentages of correct answers and mean scores in each domain was compared between the nurses and medical technologists. Results A total of 196 respondents consisting of 77 registered nurses and 119 medical technologists were included in the study. Medical technologists had significantly better knowledge scores than nurses on disposal procedures for expired blood units and by-products waste (55% vs. 19%, p = 0.026). Both had low correct responses on adequate disposal of human tissue remains, throwing blood waste into domestic waste, and throwing of expired medications in domestic waste. There was no significant difference in the attitude of nurses and medical technologists. Nurses had significantly better practice scores on disposal of liquid waste in bags (84.4% vs. 68.9, p = 0.018), but medical technologists fared better at disposal of human tissue together with other waste (13.0% vs. 2.5%, p = 0.006). Conclusion Both nurses and medical technologists had adequate knowledge of some aspects but were lacking in others. There was no significant difference in the attitude of nurses and medical technologists towards biomedical waste management. Half of the respondents practiced proper biomedical waste management.


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