HomeHarvestvol. 7 no. 1 (2011)

Texting at Pagbaybay sa Komunikasyong Pasulat ng mga Mag-aaral

Lilia C. Manahan | Ramiro F. Plopino

Discipline: Communications



This study aims to determine the demographic profile of the undergraduate students of Baliuag University in relation to their frequency, purposes and forms of text messages they sent.  Convenience sampling was used in the selection and collection of data thru the survey of 210 students from five colleges who were enrolled in Filipino 1. Results show that almost 200 text messages were sent and received by a student. As the student aged, the number of text messages he sent or received decreased. The “jejemon” and “bekimon” culture have negative impact on their skills in spelling resulting to their poor quality of writing essays. Majority of them used Filipino in sending text messages to their friends.