HomeHarvestvol. 7 no. 1 (2011)

Metacognition and Mathematical Problem Solving: The Case of Grade 6 Students

Alvin G. Alma Jose | Rosyl E. Mendoza | Gloria Aquino

Discipline: Mathematics



The study examined the relationship between metacognitive skills and mathematical problem solving of 41 Grade 6 students. Specifically, it also aimed to identify the different metacognitive skills used by the students according to their level of academic performance in mathematics through the use of a 12-item metacognitive skills inventory in problem solving and a 5-item mathematical problem solving questions. The results show that metacognitive skills were significantly correlated with problem solving and that Grade 6 students who got the highest overall averages in the metacognitive skills inventory during their problem solving activity were able to solve the problems correctly. The findings of this study establish the importance of using metacognitive skills in problem solving and stress the need to incorporate metacognitive instruction in the classroom.