HomeHarvestvol. 7 no. 1 (2011)

The Baliuag University Main Library Users’ Satisfaction Survey: The Students’ Perspectives

Elvin R. Ventucillo | Lynderlitte M. Maglaque

Discipline: Library and Museum



This quantitative study aimed to assess the different services of the Baliuag University (BU) Main Library through the perspectives of third, fourth and fifth year students. It surveyed the satisfaction level of the student-respondents of the BU Library services in the following aspects: library hours, collection, service staff/librarians, accommodation, ventilation and lighting, signage, loan procedures and facilities; the reasons why they visited the library; and the students’ preferred or needed new library services. The statistical population included 530 third, fourth and fifth year students representing 30 percent of the total number of students. A survey questionnaire was used to collect the data which were analyzed through descriptive statistics such as frequency, range and percentage. Findings showed that 82 percent of the students have used and visited the library while 15 percent have not used the library at all. The Internet Section is the most visited service section of the library. The main purpose of using the library is for researches. The Circulation, Multimedia and Reference Sections were rated highly satisfactory as to the hours of service. The Circulation Section was rated highest as to the extent of collection. The Multimedia Section has the highest satisfaction rating from the students in terms of library staff. In terms of accommodation, the Circulation Section got the highest satisfaction rating. The Multimedia Kiosk and the Circulation Section got the highest ratings in terms of how convenient loan transactions are for students. In terms of facilities, the Circulation Section again, has the highest satisfaction rating. New services wanted by the students concentrate on the aspect of library services.