HomeHarvestvol. 9 no. 1 (2013)

The Development and Acceptability of Automated Issuance of Barangay Clearance

Josan D. Tamayo | Clarissa P. Vicente | Bernandino P. Malang | Ma. Pinky V. Reyes | Carmelita O. Tanig

Discipline: Governance



Keeping pace with technology can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. However, with e-governance, we have to keep up with technological advancements and use our resources to make government service more efficient through the use of technology. Thus, this study was conceptualized to introduce the use of technology to the community of Baliwag, Bulacan to meet the requirements of e-governance. Using Systems Analysis and Design in the development of the system and descriptive research in the assessment of its acceptability, the study is designed to help government officials embrace technology. Findings revealed that barangay officials look for the following characteristics in an automated system: easy to operate, password-secured system, printable forms, readable test and simplicity of design. The barangay officials considered the automated issuance of barangay clearance as efficient, accurate, user friendly, quick response rate, and secured information. The overall assessment in the acceptability of the automated issuance of barangay clearance is outstanding.