HomeAni: Letran Calamba Research Reportvol. 19 no. 1 (2023)

Providing Industrial Engineering Solution Services to Freight Forwarding and Contract Logistics Company

Anne Margarette Arches | Allyssa Ann Mae Bobay | Kenneth Pascual



The researchers introduced a proposal project that provides support to logistics industries, specifically for freight forwarding companies. The proposed services will be executed through the use of nine different Industrial Engineering methodologies to give ideal solutions. The market size, its demand and supply were identified by the proponents. The market share of each offered service had been calculated using sufficient data which showed that the project will gain its revenues in the industry. Different marketing strategies will be executed to introduce the services of PAB Works, Inc. to the market. In the technical study, the master service plan was discussed through the use of a systematic flowchart. The services were described individually. The full operational schedule of the proposed project was provided. All the factors affecting the selection of the plant site were identified and an optimal plant layout had also been provided. The tools and equipment, office supplies, furniture, and utilities were all identified. All the finances needed to start the project were computed. The financial statements were provided to show the flow of the company’s profits and thus prove the feasibility of the proposed project. The project will provide quality Industrial Engineering services that will enable the consumers, the industry, and the company to benefit by achieving their objectives. To make this study more significant and reliable, a simulation was done to show how the service will run and how feasible the project is.