HomePhilippine Coffee Journalvol. 1 no. 1 (2020)

Community Communication and Coffee Farmers’ Adaptation to Climate Variability in Amadeo, Cavite, Philippines

Bettina Joyce Ilagan | Cleofe Torres | Rowena Dt. Baconguis | Ma. Theresa Velasco | Serlie Jamias



The study was conducted to analyze coffee farmers’ engagement in community communication as they adapt their farming practices to climate variability. It was descriptive – correlational research that utilized key informant interviews and survey using an interview schedule for data gathering. There were 12 key informants and 93 respondents. Chi-square was used to test relationship among variables. Majority of the respondents had observed changes in weather patterns / climatic conditions in Amadeo, Cavite in terms of increase in temperature, increased frequency of hot days and warm nights, decreased frequency of cold days and cool nights, and increased intensity of extreme rainfall. Adaptation of farming practices to climate variability included adoption of additional or alternative crops through intercropping, adjustments in the time of fertilizer application and in harvesting, more frequent weeding, regular pruning, less frequent rejuvenation, spraying as needed to control pests and diseases, covering of harvested coffee fruits, and stocking their harvests first before selling them. Replacement of old trees with new ones was also a salient adaptation strategy. They had moderate engagement in community communication. Male respondents whose farms were located outside the barangay and had high farm experience but low media use were predisposed to engage in community communication. Observation of climate variability was not significantly related to level of engagement in community communication and to adaptation of farming practices to climate variability. Respondents’ level of engagement in community communication was significantly related to coffee planting and farming in general, weeding, and control of pests and diseases adaptation strategies. Finally, a community communication framework for enhancing adaptation to climate variability was proposed.