HomePAARL Research Journalvol. 9 no. 1 - Special Anniversary Issue (2023)

Learning at Home: Examining the Online Learning Experience of Librarians and Library Staff through Webinars

Marian R. Eclevia | Carlos L. Eclevia, Jr.



This exploratory descriptive study examines the satisfaction and learning experiences of librarians and library support staff in attending webinars during the pandemic. It aims to determine if there is a significant difference in the satisfaction scores of webinar participants when grouped according to their employee category, position category, and library type. An online survey was distributed to the REGALO Touching Lives webinar series participants. This study employed an Exploratory Factorial Analysis using the principal component extraction method with a Varimax Rotation. The EFA results revealed a four-factor structure for the webinar satisfaction scale: content and usefulness, learning technology, learning participation, and social interaction. Results showed that librarians and staff were highly satisfied with their online learning experience through webinars. Respondents have a positive learning experience using the webinar platform. They found the webinar platform user-friendly and believed they had the knowledge and ability to participate in the webinar. Many respondents believed it was easier to interact with the speakers or panelists during the webinar than in person. The Mann-Whitney U test found significant differences in overall satisfaction when respondents were grouped by position category and library type. These findings have implications for professional associations and libraries in implementing webinars and developing training and seminars for librarians and library staff.