HomeJournal of Interdisciplinary Perspectivesvol. 1 no. 1 (2023)

Development of a Device for Brazing Copper Pipes in HVAC Installations

Sydney Olandria | John Vincent Cabesas | Dominic Geganto | Brent Kenneth Olivar | Gerald Osa | Angelo A. Acenas

Discipline: Engineering



The brazing process plays a crucial role in HVAC installations, particularly in joining copper pipes. However, current brazing methods are often unsafe, time-consuming, laborious, and prone to inconsistencies. Interviews with construction workers involved in the process have highlighted the hazards associated with brazing in construction areas where conventional groundworks lack suitable devices. To address these challenges, this study developed a new device specifically designed for brazing copper pipes in HVAC installations. During the design phase, simulation techniques were employed to carefully consider factors such as thermal stress, heat distribution, and deformations caused by applied heat. This approach ensured that the final design would optimize performance and minimize risks. Subsequently, an actual prototype of the device was developed and has demonstrated significant potential in improving soldering in terms of safety and efficiency. The effectiveness of the device was evaluated through comprehensive testing, revealing noteworthy enhancements in production and accuracy rates. To fully realize its potential, it is strongly recommended to provide operators with thorough safety training. Clear guidelines on handling and positioning the device and the MAPP gas should also be provided to ensure safe and proper usage.


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