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Ionne Avelino | Marilyn Arbes | Cecilia Daroy | Liwanag Leal | Paulino Tado

Discipline: Family and Relationships



Men are economic beings, so families have to work and earn in order to live. Work actually determines the value of a person and of a family for that matter.  Employment improves emotional and physical well being. In the absence of an opportunity to economic survival and self worth, members of the family are obliged to grab prosperity on one hand and cling on the double edged knife on the other. The Philippines having been in a worsening economic distress is “forcing” its citizens to seek for greener pasture. Discovering the conditions and life styles of the families of OFWs in Tagum City, this study found that most of the OFWs come from poor families, thus it is poverty that drove them to work abroad and that most of those who are lured abroad for ‘better life’ are the heads of the families leaving their wives alone to take care of the children. They never gave up despite hardships in the process of applying for the job. In effect, they are able to provide financial support and to alleviate the economic condition of their families. The decision to work away from the family had reaped both favorable and unfavorable consequences. The first involved financial stability manifested in the luxurious lifestyle after acquiring wealth and properties and being able to put up own business, while the latter involves the feeling of emptiness and lost time to be close with one another. The difficulties experienced by the families continue to challenge their members not only to invest their earnings to something economically viable but most importantly to hold on to their family values as much as possible through constant communication and care for each other.  After all, there are realities in life money could not pay.

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