HomeUM Research Journalvol. 7 no. 1 (2010)

Police Recruitment: A Closer Look

Nestor Nabe

Discipline: Governance



This pursuit investigated the recruitment, selection and appointment policies of the Philippine National Police uniformed personnel in Region XI.  Using qualitative method, the study revealed that the recruitment, selection and appointment policies are susceptible to breaches and circumventions.  The “palakasan”, “bata-bata”, and bribery practices have impeded and thwarted the thorough implementation of the policies.  The endorsement of police applicants by the city or municipal mayor is regarded unfavorable because it breeds political intervention and patronage.  The dissemination of the availability of recruitment quota and the actual recruitment, selection and appointment lack appropriate system which result to tedious, exasperating and sluggish process, thus viewed as problematic.  

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