HomeUM Research Journalvol. 7 no. 1 (2010)

Computer-Aided Instructional Module (CAIM) for the Mathematics Enhancement Program

Ronnie O. Alejan | Alben P. Sagpang

Discipline: Education Administration



The purposes of this study were to describe the development of Computer-Aided Instructional Module (CAIM) in the Mathematics Enhancement Program and to determine the effectiveness of this module in improving students’ level of proficiency in basic Mathematics in 2nd semester of 2006-2007.  Employing experimental design, two types of instruments with mean, t-test for Correlated Samples, t-Test for Uncorrelated Samples as statistical tools, results revealed that CAIM was effective in increasing Mathematics performance level of the experimental group in all eight topic areas. It is suggested that the administration needs to show full support to the utilization of CAIM as the major teaching-learning tool for the program. Further research study is also recommended to determine other factors excluded in the study.